Friday, November 2, 2012

Ageless Male - How It Work?

Ageless Male Scam – Is There Truth to a Scam?

Male enhancement supplements have a quiet big business and present there are numbers of products in the market that claim to help male reclaim their sexual stamina. These product promises a thicker and bigger penis, and good erections that can be obtained simply by adding this supplements in their daily routine. From those many of these supplements are scams meant to take the money from your pocket without. However I am here to discuss the potential of an Ageless Male Scam.

Ageless Male Herbal Ingredients

Before an Ageless Male scam can be declared, I want to talk about the claims made by Ageless Male of containing all Herbal ingredients. It doesn't take much investigating into an Ageless Male scam claim to see that the listed ingredients are natural substances. These ingredients include:

Epimedium – An aphrodisiac that has been used as an all-natural sexual aid for decades, known to increase sperm production and fertility.

Taurine – An amino acid found in seafood and some other meats that can balance bile protection as well as help repair the smooth muscles of the penis.

Guarana – A natural provider of caffeine, offering up to three times the amount of caffeine than is contained in a single cup of coffee, giving the user a significant boost of energy during sexual encounters.

Yohimbe – An aphrodisiac said to mimic the effects of testosterone.

Lichen – An aphrodisiac that is said to increase the libido, lending to increase in sexual play and enjoyment.

Certainly, if there were legitimacy to an Ageless Male side effects, the first thing I would suspect in being in an indicator of an Ageless Male scam is that the ingredients did nothing to support the product efficacy statements. 

However, together the ingredients in Ageless Male as natural as claimed and do promote increased sexual satisfaction, mostly by way of increased blood flow to the penis, greater amounts of energy, and even tissue repair to the muscles of the penis. This would significantly reduce the truth to an Ageless Male scam claim, but doesn't stop competitors or dissatisfied customers from making an Ageless Male scam claim.

There are a number of websites where you can find information about the ingredients and their side effects, most of which are tied to Guarana which can lead to jitter, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and insomnia. It's important to start with the lowest dose of this supplement and work up to a larger dose. 

However, research shows that side effects are rare and mild, for the most part, when experienced. To avoid a scam, even an Ageless Male scam, it's always important to become familiar with anything you are going to add to your daily regime.

Ageleess Male Pricing

One last reason some may make an Ageless Male scam claim is the pricing of this supplement, which is excessively expensive, with a return policy that is very specific, offering only a small window to get your money back if you are unsatisfied. To some, the price and return policy might seem indicative of an Ageless Male scam however, simple research reveals the likelihood of an Ageless Male scam being real is just not there to support that kind of claim.

The Bottom Line

As far as an Ageless Male scam taking place, research points to no. The supplement is as all natural as it claims to be, the ingredients are geared towards increasing energy, aiding in sexual performance, and sexual satisfaction. Aside from being high-priced, evidence does not support Ageless Male scam truth.


Sofi Vergara said...

it is a very good article which give a lot information about ageless male which is a good product. As I got the right information from this article. Thank you.

David Gomes said...

I saw a commercial on TV for supplements called Ageless Male. Said it was clinically proven to raise your test but it didn't say by how much...also i am looking for the exact ingredients in it... but after reading this informative post i got what i want.. Thanks for the info Paul Smith!! :)

richard brook said...

ageless male is very famous product but people still hesitate to buy this product, but reading this review I am pretty sure that their doubt is now clear. Thanks "Paul" for this valuable information.

Robert Patrick said...

I was looking for ingredients information of the product.
Thanks paul for the post.

teresa bowen said...

Interesting! There are lots of supplements which help to increase testosterone levels but make sure that you are using the safe product.

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Anonymous said...

I didn"t get any benifit from ageless male. It is a scam,

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