Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Androgen Male Testosterone Supplement

John Abdo Androgen Reviews

John Abdo is a World-Wide decorated authority on life motivation, health, fitness, nutrition and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic coach, John trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie Blair, multiple Gold Medal recipients.

John Abdo, the developer and marketer of many leading wellness and nutritional supplements recently announced the launch of ANDROGEN, an all-new, natural testosterone booster and libido enhancement supplement.

ANDROGEN, a first-of-its-kind product in the Men’s Vitality category, will initially be offered exclusively at GNC, and is already available at GNC is the leading global retailer of health and wellness products, including vitamins, supplements and a wide range of sports nutritional products. In addition to the over 4800 U.S.-based stores, GNC’s presence on a global scale is incredibly robust, and is currently located in 48 international markets.

Based upon the on-going successful partnership between GNC and Direct Digital, the exclusive launch of ANDROGEN within GNC stores is the perfect platform to present such a revolutionary new product offering. Direct Digital is also the creator and marketer of Instaflex, the nation’s top-selling joint support product in all GNC stores. Accordingly, introducing ANDROGEN to the men’s wellness market in association with GNC is the ideal retail channel to educate the core consumer regarding the numerous, unique benefits associated with this new source for men’s total lifestyle support?

ANDROGEN Natural Testosterone Booster

ANDROGEN Natural Testosterone Booster addresses the biological fact that by age thirty, most men will begin experiencing a gradual reduction in testosterone levels each passing year. This new product helps restore testosterone levels within the body thanks to a proprietary blend comprised of Testofen, L-Citrulline Malate and Tribulus terrestris. Each of these proven ingredients is utilized in this unique combination at maximum levels. As such, the result is a premium nutritional support solution that is grounded in advanced science. This is a key element in terms of effectively maintaining men’s health, as testosterone plays a pivotal role in sexual performance, increased stamina and overall well-being. Furthermore, ANDROGEN™ is one of the first products in its class to offer a indigestible mechanism which not only boosts testosterone levels via natural ingredients, but also helps increase sex drive, enhance muscle mass and improve overall body strength.
Androgen Review 
According to John Abdo, “ANDROGEN completely changes the landscape of the men’s vitality category. It is no longer merely about a temporary fix for one concern – it is about building overall wellness and confidence, as well as addressing an issue that every man has to face. Testosterone loss is a fact of life as men age, and ANDROGEN not only provides an effective way to help improve upon this, but also offers men a way to build happier relationships, bolster libido, witness increased stamina, as well as build enhanced muscle mass and general fitness.” Adcock goes on to further state that “ANDROGEN is all about men living a full and complete life. Direct Digital is proud to be a market leader by introducing such a revolutionary product in this category.

ANDROGEN will be on-shelf in the nearly 5000 U.S.-based GNC retail locations beginning September of this year. It will also complement the other health and wellness products housed within the Direct Digital portfolio, including: Instaflex Joint Support, Lumiday Natural Mood Enhancement and Luminite Natural Sleep Support. To learn more about ANDROGEN Natural Testosterone Booster.

John’s newest As Seen on TV releases include his critically-acclaimed books Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine™ and the doctor-endorsed Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance. John also co-developed and is the chief spokesperson for Androgen the all-natural, potent and fast-acting male sexual-health performance supplement.

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